PyTalk is a Jabber Client in Python using xmpppy and PyQt4

I choose to program PyTalk to learn Qt4 and the XMPP Protocol which is the best IM protocol.

PyTalk is my Final Project to get my Degree in Computer Science from the School of Computing of the University of Portsmouth

At first, PyTalk should be jTalk a Jabber Client in Java using QtJambi. But I get in trouble with Qt Jambi and Mac OS X so I change and I take Python which is the faster way to program.

If you are French and that you would like to talk about PyTalk : Lets go


PyTalk is little client which allow you :


PyTalk on Mac OS X PyTalk on Linux


To download and try PyTalk, you have to go to

You can also get the develloppement version on github :

git clone git://

With the developpement version you will need :

You can get them from : and also with your packet manager

PyTalk is still up with a new contributor : PyLearning with sleekxmpp instead of xmpppy.